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Wedding videographer Vancouver

Through time, film has evolved from silent entertainment to a full  dream machine

The culmination of technology could be very well an excuse to create films.


You are the subject of many intricate stories,  To truly understand  and display a diverse range of emotions can be complex. We simple guide you to discover the the components in depth, and unravel the mystery of your character.

Our films are a reflection of who the couples are.


Wedding Videography

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wedding videographer vancouver


wedding videographer vancouver

Whitney + Jonas

Wedding highlights (2019)

Karin + Patrick

Same Day Edit (2019)

Indu + Ben
Wedding highlights (2022)

Chrizel  + Byron

Same Day Edit (2019)

Emily + Matt

Wedding highlights (2019)

Pamela + Mathew

Same Day Edit (2019)

Andrea  + Paolo

Wedding highlights (2019)

Mai + Jay

Same Day Edit (2019)

Stephanie  + Sunny
Wedding highlights (2021)

Ricardo + Franko

Wedding highlights (2018)


wedding videographer vancouver

Daniela + Keigan

Wedding highlights (2019)

Katie + Ben

Wedding highlights (2019)

Lisa + Zayne

Wedding highlights (2018)

Jen Li + Jerry

Wedding highlights (2017)

Every unique wedding’s story comes to life when we can tell the tale through video.

We work hard to capture the spirit, love and energy of your special day for you to re-live again and again.

Don’t worry if you get stage fright.

Our professional filmmakers are there to direct your every move to create your very own personal cinematography.

This is why Farawayland Weddings values getting to know you as a couple!

So when it comes to being in-front of the camera, we can help your true selves shine.

Wedding videographer vancouver

“When they showed us our wedding highlight video I shed tears.”

- Ana C