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photographers near me

“Unity is strengthwhen there is team work and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” ~Mattie Stepanek

Photographers near me
Photographers near me

We all found each other by casualty and quickly developed a great friendship.

Working together for a decade has taken us to multiple adventurous in the incredible world of weddings.  


We are honoured for the opportunity to play a role in one of the most important and intimate day of your live.


 Farawayland Weddings is all of what we love about weddings. Is that fairytale story that we get to create with you in an artistic, authentic and intimate way.


 For us, the little details are the most significant.


Isn't just tradition or following some rules, it’s celebrating a day that in whichever way represents you and your life together as a couple.


Consider us your wedding day curators. We know you want breathtaking images and also want to remember your wedding the way it was. Thus, we intentionally navigate the delicate line between documentation and art. 

We want to tell your story.

And as you share your story with us, we want to share ours with you in this timeline

Photographers near me


Photographers near me
Photographers near me
What we call luck is our ignorance of the complex machinery of causality.
2009 after travelling for two years without direction, Lucho settled in Vancouver BC.
Besides a few temporary odd jobs here and there while travelling, Lucho has always been a dedicated photographer
2010 introduced personal losses, grief and isolation.
Holding a bachelors degree in Art & Photography, 
Lucho's immersion into photography full-time was a way to cope with life.
Photographers near me
Being formally trained as a fashion and fine art photographer, Lucho's style was noticed and requested by brides looking for something different and unique from popular trends.
Basically unknown and never having photographed one single wedding in his life, Lucho shot his first 10 weddings in 2011
Photographers near me
Lucho's work station December 2013 
Phoebe, Emma and Nick join the studio.
Now we were able to offer videography as well.  
Photographers near me
Photographers near me
Emma retires from wedding photography to focus on her new family.
Cinthia (MakeupArtist)  joins the studio.
Photographers near me
Photographers near me


Rebecca, Neil, Vahid and Terence join the studio.
We begin offering Same Day Edit and Next Day Edit too.
Photographers near me
Photographers near me


Our busiest year ever. We completed 54 weddings (and we aren't taking this many weddings again!).
Rene and Ricardo join the studio.
Vahid leaves for Sweden with a new job in a TV station. 
 Terence is in charge of the Photobooth now.
Photographers near me
Photographers near me


Jana joins the studio making communication with couples lighting fast.
Melodie takes over Vahid's role.
Photographers near me
Photographers near me
Photographers near me
Photogrphers near me
Team at the studio 2018
wedding photographer logo.webp
As a team, we strive to create powerful work that communicates to the core of people’s emotions and stories.
We are photographers, videographers and artists. But aside from colleagues, we are friends, spouses, and siblings who understand the heart of humanity. Our culture is as diverse as the jobs we do, as well as the approach we use to create our work.
Each one of us brings individual expertise to our collective creative process.
Together we speak English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Czech, and Azerbaijani (so far!).
Photographers near me

"They really listened to our story

and captured our love in such a beautiful way."

-Jessica G.

photographers near me
Lucho & Nick planning a video sequence at UBC boathouse

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