Finding the Light (anytime, anywhere)

Emotive Portraits (genuine & honest)

Editing (Lightroom)

Retouching (Photoshop)

Staying Creative (all season)

Album Design (InDesign)

Creative Composition (anywhere)

Focal Length Mastery (primes)

Fancy Flash (on and off camera)

Always includes being your best and generating an optimal mindset (vastly underrated yet entirely crucial to creativity)

Note: There is limited 1-to-1 availability. Get in touch and we can go from there!

Anyone can take a great photo of professional models or a couple placed in a stunning location. All that achieves is unnecessary pressure when faced with real couples at real venues. That’s exactly why we the complete opposite. We use challenging locations, as once you learn to see beyond (and not rely on) the posing ability of the couple and/or beautiful scenery – and move to understanding light and seeing underlying structure, geometry, layers and frames (along with invoking genuine emotions) – you’ll be able to take an engaging photograph anywhere, with anyone. You can then shoot any wedding, confident in your ability to produce consistently high caliber imagery.


While some prefer intense 1:1 days, others prefer a slower pace, with time for reflection over multiple shoots and assignments. Mentoring is conducted online via Skype, using screen sharing.

Mentoring plans are in the process of being created, register interest here.


Farawayland Weddings is a team of Vancouver Wedding Photographers & Videographers who value telling your story and creating Unique, Dynamic and Personal images. They Photograph & Film weddings and engagement sessions in Vancouver BC and in the surrounding Lower Mainland. 

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