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Sustainable and eco-conscious weddings? Yes, please.

I am sure you are probably thinking: "But how I gonna feed my guests?"

Or "Which bouquet I gonna throw if I can't have it?"

Do not worry. It is really not like that; sustainable and eco-conscious weddings can be for anyone. 

Let's sit down and chat. Put your legs up and keep open mind. You don't have to a zero-waste, no shoes freegan to actually care about your foot print you are leaving behind and the world you live in.

There are so many ways, smaller or bigger, to bring your real and authentic intention of sustainable and eco-consciousness weddings to your wedding ceremony.

You do not have to be all in. Even small differences matters;

Are you donating your flowers? What are you planning to do with left over food? Donating or garbage? Are you going plastic-free? Is your dress brand new or you having them second hand or even renting? There is so many ways how to be simply aware and act because there is when it starts, the small difference. Let us know the difference you are wanting to make with your wedding and you can get up to $200 off the cost of your wedding package which will be donated to an organization which helps to the type environment of your choice here localy in Lower Mainland in BC!

We have got quite some tips for environmentally friendly wedding vendors from Vancouver, British Columbia and surrounding Lower Mainland for you bellow.

“It doesn't have to be perfect.

It is just about conscious choices.”

"There is no planet B."

- Ban Ki-Moon

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Here is a blog post featuring some of the exhibitors at Cascadia Wedding Show 2019 which took place on November 3rd at The Pipe Shop, North Vancouver.

Yes, my wedding will be

a sustainable wedding!

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