to the Wedding Ceremony of
Jinhyo + Christian

August 21st 2021

The ceremony stream is scheduled to begin at 1:00PM PST August 21st, 2021.
Please join us by clicking on the play button.

If a reliable WiFi or cellphone signal isn't functional, the live stream video will be uploaded as soon as possible after the ceremony. 
Please check back soon!

Hello Family! Hello Friends!

안녕하세요 사랑하는 가족, 친구 여러분

Hallo liebe Freunde und Familie.

Welcome and thank you for joining our virtual wedding.

저희 비대면 결혼식에 참석해주셔서 환영하고 또 감사드립니다.

Herzlichen Willkommen zu unserer virtuellen Hochzeitsfeier.


We are so happy that we can share this very special moment of our live with you all.

저희 인생에 있어서 특별하고 소중한 이 순간을

함께 공유하게 되어서 매우 행복합니다.

Wir freuen uns diesen besonderen Moment mit euch teilen zu können.



Of course, we would prefer to have you all here in person.

However, how about this?

Let us hold on to all those happy thoughts, cheers and hugs once we are able to meet again.

물론, 직접 뵐 수 있다면 좋았겠지요.

하지만 이건 어떤가요?

이 모든 행복한 생각들과 축배 그리고 포옹들을 우리가 만나는 그날까지 아껴두기로요.

Natürlich würden wir es bevorzugen wenn ihr alle hier bei uns wart.

Lasst uns gemeinsam diese fröhliche Gedanken, Glückwünsche und Umarmungen in Erinnerung behalten bis wir uns wieder treffen können.



Thanks again to join us and make our Wedding day even better💜

다시한번 저희와 함께해주시고 저희 결혼식을 더욱 멋지게 해주셔서 감사말씀 전합니다.



Jinhyo & Christian


사랑을 담아서,


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