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Updated: Jun 13

All the little details nobody tells you about

Hello there. Whoooaaa! It’s happening!!! You are getting married! Finally, right?! I am sure you want to have your day just and only perfect when nothing goes wrong and you are fully enjoying every moment with your second-half-to-be, your family and the ones which are the closest to you. After photographing and videographing over 300 weddings here in Lower Mainland, we have put together with Lucho and our team 45 great tips, that will help with planning your wedding day timeline and absolutely rock your wedding day. These tips are based on our experience and we are confident that you will find this guide extremely helpful to plan your worry-free-the-best-day of your life.

Tip #1 – Everything +5 minutes (at least)

My first tip and also the most important tip is to simply add 5 to 10 minutes to every task on your wedding day timeline.

That will allows you to rush less and to be absolutely present at the moment. You will have a time to cry with your grandma, to have a so precious moment with your mom while buttoning up your wedding dress, first look with your dad, more time to cry, to receive something borrowed and something blue, and again, to cry even more.

Once you put your heels on, every of your movement will takes longer. Is your dress puffy or super fitted? Get to the car or walk on stairs will take more precision. Are you having a veil? Make sure your bridesmaids will help you carry it around even if you have it already in your hair. Long cathedral veils temp to pull as they get caught on the floor.

Do you have a gift to open from your partner or your parents? Is there a card which you want to have captured on camera while reading it?

Are there any special moments which you want to spend with the ones you love?

Allow the extra time for these time consuming details that may occur on the wedding day. Scheduling a time slot for each of these things will helps you to keep you on track and not falling behind.

And the best part will be that if you find yourself that you are ahead! Now you can sit back and enjoy yourself.

Tip #2 – Clothes / handkerchiefs / linen / etc. should be steamed before the wedding day

Do not wait to the day off with steaming and dewrinkelling.

Delegate these tasks to your little helpers a few days before. If you have a bigger bridal party, assign more people to the tasks as steaming your dress and veil, bridesmaids dresses, groom’s and groomsmen's suits, linens for reception, etc. Once it’s done, have it hanging and ready for your photographer and videographer to come at the morning.

Tip #3 – Ditch the bra

Are you having a low cut or backless dress? Ditch the bra since morning to avoid strap lines on a photos. To be more conformable, you can get silk robes or button up shirt to to avoid messing up freshly-done hair & makeup.

Tip #4 – Everybody should be ready before the bride

Have you seen the perfect photos from mornings when the team of bridesmaids and mother of the bride helping the bride to the dress? Everyone is super excited, present in the moment and literally shinning with happiness and thrill from the one in a lifetime moment coming up.

Here is the trick; it’s about perfect coordination and timing.

Make sure whether you have your maid of honor, your mom and grandma helping you with your wedding gown, make sure those helpers have theirs hair & make-up done and are dresses BEFORE it’s your time to get into your bridal gown. Once you apply this tip, everything will be more organized, polished and ready for the camera to snap those moments.

Tip #5 – Invest into your bridal hair & makeup trial

Even if your wedding is behind the corner and you are set on style of your hair & make up for your wedding day, try to find a few spare moments to have your trial done.

  1. You get to chat and meet up with your artist which will make you definitely more comfortable on the day off as you already know each other.

  2. Real life situation – I opened an email newsletter with the new Aritzia line. Oh my, they had my favorite color too! Since I know, I am always size medium, I immediately ordered. A few days after I got my package, opened it, put it on and… well it did fit perfectly… but I didn’t feel it. There was something off… so I returned it. Have it happened to you too? I am sure at least once each of us went through it.

  3. Do not let it to happen on your wedding day and go for your trial. You may be surprised by the suggestions your artist had ;)

  4. What ever you want to tweak, now it’s the time to do so on your hair and make up trial.

  5. Are you thinking you are throwing out money as you are so glamorous and no one to appreciate it? But wait, there is a bunch of options what to do! You can go for a surprise dinner with your partner.

What we recommend our couples is to the trial before your engagement session. That way you will give a few hours test but mainly you will see yourself on the photos and get the real feel for your wedding day.

Not having engagement session? All good. What about a bridal shower? Use that trial for it.

Tip #6 – Surrender your phone to someone else

I know this can be a hard one… but well, this is your wedding day and you want to fully enjoy every minute of it. Being worried about where your phone is (nope, it’s definitely not in your back pocket), your friends calling you that they can’t find parking or out of the city guest trying to find a way to your venue.

Make your life easier and hand your phone off to your bridesmaids and honer her with a the duty of taking care of it and making some goofy selfies.

Tip #7 – Have an extra space

Sometimes places to get ready can get a bit crowded. Especially if you have a larger bridal party and your family by your side with flower girl running around, make up artists gluing eyelashes precisely on the eye lid, hairdresser having brushes aligned on table and photographer and videographer doing perfect yoga figures to get the best shots of you, your bridal party and some details during getting ready.

Make sure to have your place big enough and free of clutter so you can to just sit and chill.

Tip #8 – Tie & bow-ties tying practice is a must

Make sure the guys knows how to do it.

There is so many tutorials on YouTube but you know how it is with tutorials lol

Get the guys to practice before the morning of the wedding to avoid another possible headaches when limo is waiting and two out of 6 groomsmen can’t figure it out.

Tip #9 – Have a spare dress shirt for the groom

Groom in the summer in three piece suit and still smiling is a proof of love and dedication to make your day the best day of your life.

But no matter how much they love you, guys just sweat. Especially with full suit on. Having a fresh shirt available for afternoon and the reception will help them to relax more with no need to worry how much lifting and running during your photo session should be done.

Do you have an undershirt for him? Pack it to ;)

Tip #10 – Photos of the ‘details’

Gather all of your details like your invitations, cards, jewelry, perfume, garter, and family heirlooms. Also your veil, dress and shoes... Your creative team will be thrilled and happy to jump on the task.

Tip #11– Bouquets & Boutonnieres & Corsages

Bridal and bridesmaid's bouquets, boutonnieres for guys and corsages for moms and grandmas should arrive to the right location before they are needed for the photos/video. Make sure you have dedicated helpers who knows how to attach them by pins.

One more tip – have some extra pins in your emergency bridal kit in case some of them will fall out.

Tip #12 – Practice how bustle your wedding dress

When you buying your wedding dress, make sure to be shown how to bustle your wedding dress. The most ideal would be to have your Maid of honor with you when doing final fitting and have her to record a video on your phone. That way you can always go back to it later to be ready and on the top of it for your wedding day.

Tip #13 – Do a first look

While first look is not for everyone, there are still some benefits of seeing each other before the ceremony:

  • You are really just you two when you see each other

  • Walking down the aisle is suddenly less nerve-racking

  • Majority of your photos gets out of the way before the ceremony. Let’s see here a sample:

  • First look is great to break the day and especially for afternoon ceremonies. While you get ready by 9 am, first look around 11 am with bridal photos after until 1 pm, light lunch or refreshments before ceremony which can be easily at 2 or 3 pm.

  • You will have an amazing and very private and very emotive moment of you two captures on camera

If you are possibly worried that it will make walking down the aisle less emotional and you won’t see them tearing, I promise that it will not. If you check out at all the photos from ceremonies, you won’t be able to say when the couple did first look and when didn’t.

Tip #14 – Have a party bus

Having a limo or a party bus for your travels on wedding day keeps your whole bridal party together and organized without worrying, that anyone will get lost, car broken down, etc.

Also, you will be able to chill and have fun together and possibly have a good size of ice-filled cooler with you ;)