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Amanda & Aird: Simply Do It Yourself

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Weddings can be a big production, after all, ‘you only get married once.’ But sometimes, we encounter couples that want to scrap all of the show biz and simply do it themselves. Certainly this was the case with Amanda and Aird.

This couple held a simple Jewish ceremony in a local park along with a small gathering of family/friends. Because of the DIY nature, this wedding was filled with personal touches. Like the books that were present to show their love of reading. But probably one of the most memorable details was the aisle formed in the grass with tiny paper hearts on a sticks. And an even more memorable detail was the adorable flower girl who embraced her roll with smiles and pedals!

Once the ceremony was over, we took the couple away for their portrait ceremony. Since we were in a park with fantastic natural features, we took advantage of the low river nearby. What better way to take DIY portraits than with natures rocks and water at the ready!

Amanda and Aird found a unique Penthouse (literally) for their reception. When they discovered a rooftop space surrounded by mountain views, and Vancouver’s iconic Science World, it was meant to be. Because it was almost like a wedding scene from all those chic flick movies. With large patio spaces, cocktail tables, strung tea lights and of course, a stage for the band! As a result, it was the perfect setting for celebration.

So come along with us as we relive the highlights of Amanda and Aird wedding day. Also, be sure to check out the movie shot at the end!

Amanda and Aird’s DIY Wedding

Congratulations Amanda & Aird!

Photo Credits: Phoebe Yan, Lucho Berzek

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