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Vancouver Indian weddings

Indian Wedding Photography & Video Surrey BC 

Walking through traditions you maybe even didn’t know about

Indian Wedding Photography & Video Surrey BC

South and Southeast weddings are always full of fun, colors, dances, emotions, traditions and family bounding together. South and Southeast weddings are very well known for theirs unique characteristics from Mehendi (Henna) to theirs colorful attire. They can be anything and everything but definitely not boring!

With over 500 languages and 6’000 dialects, different religions and diverse cultures are all part of today’s look of South and Southeast wedding ceremonies all over the world but also here, in Vancouver, BC. In stunning Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.

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Creativity in South and Southeast Wedding Photography

Our goal is to give you something special. A photo which noone has seen. A moment which you want to remember. A feeling which came to your heart and fulfill you with a happiness and joy. Beyond photographing and videographing these important moments of your wedding day, we bring our creativity to your wedding.


We are always in search of different shapes, light panels, reflections and dramatic backgrounds to create a special piece of art just for you. Our unique, creative and contemporary combination of fashion background with great lighting techniques allow us to create your dream photo of your wedding.

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  • 12 hours of coverage $6500 (can be divided in two days)

1 Photographer

1 Videographer

Edited images

Highlights video (3-5 min)


HDD with all the RAW video footage


  • Extra hour $600

  • Ceremony video edit - $500

  • Speeches video edit - $500

  • Next Day Edit video (3-5 min) - $700

  • Same Day Edit highlights video (3-5 min) - $800

  • Drone Footage - $500

South and Southeast Wedding Videography

Raman + Sherwin
Same Day Edit Vancouver

Stephanie + Sunny
Wedding Highlights Vancouver

Sophie + Harvy
Wedding highlights Richmond

Karen + Chirag

Zoroastrian Wedding highlights Burnaby

Brittlyn  + Shane
Wedding highlights Next Day Edit Vancouver

Indu+ Ben
Wedding highlights Surrey

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We have put together a walk thought by some of the traditions which you may even did not know about that they exist.


From Hindu weddings, Sikh Weddings, Muslim weddings, Punjabi weddings, Christian weddings to Zoroastrian wedding ceremonies here in Vancouver and Surrey in Lower Mainland documented by our team of specialists in Indian Wedding Photography and Indian Wedding videography.

The very traditional Indian wedding is a ritual of three events which takes place in different days. They are the Sangeet and Mehendi, the wedding ceremony, and celebration during the reception.

Many different rituals that are part of an Indian wedding ceremony also can take place over several days spread throughout multiple months but with today’s busy lifestyle and travel distances between families are traditionally for three days especially with a lot of families and relatives living not only in India, but all around the wolds when the couple and family relatives would come to celebrate this special time together to our beautiful British Columbia and it’s own Surrey and Lower Mainland.

Misri Tradition

The very traditional South and Southeastwedding is a ritual of three events which takes place in different days. They are the Sangeet and Mehendi, the wedding ceremony, and celebration during the reception.

Misri Indian Wedding photography

Many different rituals that are part of an Indian wedding ceremony also can take place over several days spread throughout multiple months.


With today’s busy lifestyle and travel distances between families, weddings are traditionally for three days especially with a lot of families and relatives living not only in India, but all around the wolds when the couple and family relatives would come to celebrate this special time together to our beautiful British Columbia and it’s own Surrey and Lower Mainland.

Sangeet Party

Sangeet ceremony is a form of celebration for the wedding to come.

The Ladies Sangeet (Ladies' Night of Singing) sings together traditional songs about the bride and groom.

Singing and dancing on Sangeet night is a social bond of the two families gathering and connecting together. The ceremony usually takes place two or three days before the wedding and it’s followed by follow the mehndi.

sangeet indian wedding
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Mehndi (Henna) Tradition
henna Indian Wedding photography

The Mehndi ceremony always takes place only one day before the actual wedding ceremony which is usually performed during the Sangeet. Only women are allowed to attend this full patterns and drawings creative ceremony.

The Mehndi artists create intricate and personalized designs on both feet and hands of the bride, hers female family members and friends. The design can contain different patterns of flowers and leaves. In more intricate designs can be incorporated even birds and animals. As the color mix is used a paste of dried ground henna leaves. 

The bride’s and the groom’s names are are incorporated and almost hidden in the bride’s artwork. The groom is meant to find these names. The overall designs represents a great bond which is held between the husband and his wife.

Mehndi Indian Wedding photography
Henna Indian Wedding photography

There is the believe that the deeper and saturated the color of the henna gets, the stronger the bond between the couple will be. Some also believe that the stronger the color is the more the bride will get along with her mother-in-law. 

To get darker look, some brides asks for more color dye in theirs henna mix.

Maiyan Ceremony

Maiyan ceremony is a Punjabi ceremony of many traditions
like Batna, Choora, Jaggo,

which takes place usually two days before the wedding day.

Choora ceremony involves bride’s uncle giving gifts to the bride and groom’s uncle to the groom.

These gifts as jewelry, clothes and some cash. Traditionally the bride would wear 21 colored bangles on each arm usually in traditionally red and ivory colors. 

maiya Indian Wedding photography

Batna is a cleansing ceremony performed by the couple's families. The family member will rub yellow turmeric paste, which is a mixture contains oil, water and turmeric, on their legs, face, and arms.


This ceremony also balances the body for theirs future married life.


Batna Indian Wedding photography
jaggo Indian Wedding photography
Jaggo Night

The jaago night is the last night before the ceremony.  Jaago literally means “wake-up”.


This tradition is an invitation to the wedding when the family and relatives would go around the village with jaagos (decorated pots) on theirs head, singing and dancing as an open invitation to join the wedding ceremony.

Baraat Ceremony

The Baraat ceremony is the wedding procession in Hindu and Sikh weddings when the groom’s family and friends leads him to the wedding altar or to the marriage venue.

The groom is usually riding a white horse followed by his family and friends. There is a lot of singing, dancing, and shouting out well wishes to the young couple.

When the groom arrives to the bride’s place, the couple exchange the Milni Malas (floral garlands) and wears them around theirs neck to symbol recognition and compliance of each other.

Baraat Indian Wedding photography

Dhol player and DJ’s would have a portable sound system to play upbeat and exciting songs which will sets the mood for the rest of the marriage event.


Some Grooms choose to enter in an extravagant car which can be also traditional decorated.

The Modern Take on the Baraat Ceremony
Baraat Indian Wedding photography
Milni Ceremony
Milni Indian Wedding photography

Milni tradition is a ritual seen during both Hindu and Sikh weddings before the start of the marriage rituals.


Before the actual Milni ceremony can begins, a prayer is performed. The Milni ceremony is in a certain way a meeting and a formal introduction of the key family members from each family. Traditionally, the family members greet the groom in descending order, from the oldest to the youngest which also serves as an introduction to the bride’s and groom’s families and guests to witness the two families uniting into one.

Milni Indian Wedding photography

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The Wedding Day Ceremony

Finally the actually ceremony takes place with many more traditions to come. Each and every part of India or more over Indian culture from all over the world with several different religions will vary in the traditions which have to take place during the wedding day and actually Indian wedding ceremony.

There may be an exchange of colorful flower garlands (Varmala/Jaimala ceremony), a curtain separating the bride and groom before the ceremony, Laja Homa ritual with rice being poured to the bride’s hands, tying a knot between the bride’s and groom’s garments, mangalsultra ceremony where the groom ties a necklace with two gold pendants around brides neck to signify a strong bonding for 100 years. Alos this necklace shows others that the young woman is already married.

indian wedding photography
indian wedding photography
indian wedding photography
indian wedding photography
Indian Wedding Reception

Indian wedding reception usually takes place on the third day which is a day after the ceremony. Our Indian couples prefer to go for a short one-two hours photography session in the wedding reception outfits before the grand entrance to the hall.


Wedding reception is full of exciting moments filled with entertainment, great speeches, jokes, creative dance moves, tasty food, cake cutting, next day edit wedding highlights video and congratulating the bride and groom seated on a raised stage, which is beautifully decorated with flowers, drapes, backdrop and candles drawing attention to the newlywed couple. Once all the formalities comes to end, the most elated dance party starts. Not a single wedding guest is left seated. From the youngest to the eldest, everyone shows theirs unique dance moves full of excitement and joy.

Colors and Wedding Attire
Indian Wedding photography

As much Indian weddings are known all around the world for theirs full of energy never ending celebrations, they are also known by theirs extraordinary colorful ceremonies filled with bright and vibrant colors, silver and gold.


Bride will be wearing at least three or four dresses throughout all the different rituals. For wedding ceremony, the bride will wear a 16-piece attire called Solah Shringar including jewelry pieces, clothes and shoes. Each of these 16 items is thoroughly chose to highlight the natural beauty of the bride. One of the jewelry pieces is Mangtikka, which is the stunning ornament worn on the bride’s forehead and throughout her hair. The actual wedding attire the bride wears will depend on what region she or her family is from. 

Many Indian brides from South, West or East India will wear a traditional red sari which is six-foot beaded fabric draped in a specific way to bring out brides curves. Red in Indian cultures symbolized happiness and good luck and it’s usually worn mixed with pink, burgundy or gold. Other brides would prefer a wedding garment Lehenga which is a long flared skirt with a fitted top and scarf tucked into skirt. Modern brides in British Columbia like to ad a little twist to theirs wedding attire by wearing halter or backless tops.

henna_Pavan & David_-382.jpg
Indian Wedding photography
Indian Wedding photography

Men wear for wedding ceremonies knee-length tunics and long fitted coats (Sherwani) which could be an exceptionally embroider version of a western suit. It is worn with either fitted pants (Churidars) or loose fitting pants (Pyjama) with a pair of matching embroidered shoes (Mojri). The groom might also wear a turban with a veil of flowers to protect him from evil spirits.

Since India is a country with a rich and varied heritage and several different religions, the types of wedding ceremonies are endless.

Indian weddings usually runs for multiple day.

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“When our next day edit played at our reception I was speechless,
my breath was truly taken away."

-Monica G

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