Editing Styles

The Secret Sauce of Editing

Often photographers mention Style to reference their approach to shooting and their editing workflow.

We pride ourselves on versatility and understanding. After all is our diversity (7 different nationalities) and flexibility two of the main pillars in which we function as a studio.. 

With the increase popularity of digital photography, editing services have flourished by the demand of faster deliveries, therefore lots of photographers rely in editing companies  located abroad (India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, etc). 

We take privacy very serious for our clients and care too much about putting our own effort in the editing process, that's why we do not send any editing abroad. All our post-production is done in-house.

Sometimes this meaning slower delivery times but total control over the creative process and the assurance of your photos will not be ending in someone's computer besides your own.


So, in an effort to fill-full couples vision of what their wedding pictures should look like we offer the following editing options (pick your own secret sauce):

1 - Light & Airy (Taiwanese/ Vancouver natural light style)

Originally develop in Taiwan and popularized greatly in China, this style has made their way to Vancouver where is the to go of people looking for whimsical, dreamy like, chic style. Characterized by only the use of natural light which blends textures and hide small details (like skin appearance), with strong white bright skies and soft focus.

Colours are often not accurate since the heavy editing to make everything film like/vintage looking. Even if this style is describe as "natural" the resulting images are more of an artistic interpretation rather than real to life images.


2 - Candid (journalistic/true to life, documentary style)

Photojournalism became very popular during 1930s, when Leica's 35mm film cameras became available. The main characteristic of this style is an honest and impartial story telling approach which has been adapted to "candid" wedding photography. Where the photographer's influence is very minimal mostly seeking for true emotions during the day. Couples looking for a relax, bohemian, raw emotions and carefree photographs that aren't afraid of looking silly or funny but true to real life will be the most interested in this style.

3 - Contemporary Fashion (creative, intentional, stylized style)

Our original signature style. If you take into consideration that our lead photographer Lucho holds a bachelor degree in fine arts and photography and was trained as a fashion photographer you'll clue why this is our more prominent and recognizable style of doing things. 

Characterized by an strong use of OFC (off camera flash), posing and dramatic light, this style isn't for everyone but for couples looking that magazine, high end,, unique images that dance between commercial and wedding photography.   

Farawayland Weddings is a team of Vancouver Wedding Photographers & Videographers who value telling your story and creating Unique, Dynamic and Personal images. They Photograph & Film weddings and engagement sessions in Vancouver BC and in the surrounding Lower Mainland. 

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