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Let's get it done!

We get it. 

Priorities vary from people to people. We understand that. What's important for you is always a unique decision.
With 10+ year in the wedding industry we are here to help YOU. 

So here’s how it goes.

You usually meet with a few potential vendors in each “vendor category”, so naturally, you need something to help you make your decision. This is where we often turn to comparison, which is a total and complete disservice to yourself and your potential vendors.




Can you compare Aldo shoes to Jimmy Choo shoes? Or what about a dress from Nordstrom and a dress from PRONOVIAS?.
They could look similar, you'll get the wear white on the wedding day but what you’re saving on one dress, you’ll probably make for in quality and design with the other.
With both cases, the compared options are SO different… you just can’t fairly compare them to each other!

In the wedding world, every vendor offers different things. Everyone has their own way of doing things.

Some include special perks with their pricing, some charge extra for those same things. Some people just give you a flat price, some do pricing by the hour or item. Everyone has a different process, different costs, different services.

If you found yourself comparing “packages” to each other. You probably haven't consider experience and quality.

Going for a bigger budget friendly service is tricky because even though you thought you were getting more bang for my buck, you're  definitely compromising in experience and quality.

Either way, you have to make a decision and you have to compare potential vendors in some way. So here's something to help you decide.

We separated the packages because for achieving a certain Look and Quality, ONLY can be
done with 2 expert videographers or photographers.

Economy Package 

1 general Videographer for all the dates

8 hours for pre-wedding celebrations

16 hours for wedding day + reception


All RAW footage

Your choice between (pick only one):

"Short Edit" - 3 to 4 min -

"South East Edit" - 15 to 20 min -

"Full Feature edit" - over 2 hours -


Video Highlights Moments

Our regular video package with 2 expert videographers.
Click 'learn more' below and scroll down to read details. 

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wedding photographer logo.webp
wedding photographer logo.webp

Economy Package 

1 general Photographer for all the dates

8 hours for pre-wedding celebrations

16 hours for wedding day + reception


Online gallery delivery


Classy Claire

Our regular video package with 2 expert photographers
Click "learn more" below and scroll down to read details. 

wedding photographer logo.webp
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wedding photographer logo.webp

Is TAX included?  No. add 5% GST

Is TRAVEL included?  YES within 30 km (round trip) from our studio in Gastown, extra millage is $1 per km.

How do I get my pictures?  Online gallery.

Can I print my pictures?  YES, we give high res images you can print them anywhere you want.

How do I get my video?   YouTube and a download link.

How do I get RAW footage?  We give you a 1TB hard drive and fit as much footage as possible.

What's the retainer fee?  $1000

When do I pay the rest?  A month before the wedding date. No exceptions.

How much for extra hour? $350

Do you charge rescheduling fees? No

How do we book you? The same day that you inquire, we answer (is extremely rare that we don't).

We send you a contract for you to sign and email it back with the retainer fee and we are all set.

Can we chat before signing? YES, we can have a zoom call.

How long you guys being doing wedding? 10 years.

Do you have a physical studio?  YES, we are located in Gastown Vancouver here

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