As with all human relationships,
ours also starts with trust. 

There's a good reason that our website is more than a few galleries with pretty pictures. We want to communicate who we are and be as open as possible. Having a real conversation seems pretty simple but involves courage and risk.

If you have come to this page ready to book, we thank you. Putting your trust in us will always be reciprocated. Nothing helps us better than to know you conferred responsibility by trusting us to capture your wedding day.


You already made your mind with the package of your choice.

Select the editing style that match your own.

Now all it takes is to come down to the studio for a quick chat, sign a contract and place the retainer fee.

We are looking forward to meeting you soon.

The Farawayland Weddings team


Trust is built and maintained by many small actions over time and isn't a matter of technique, tricks, or tools but of character.

Farawayland Weddings is a team of Vancouver Wedding Photographers & Videographers who value telling your story and creating Unique, Dynamic and Personal images. They Photograph & Film weddings and engagement sessions in Vancouver BC and in the surrounding Lower Mainland. 

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