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Wedding photographer Vancouver | Wedding photography

Modern, Versatile, Refined.

For couples who value REAL with a touch of Sophistication

We never take the privilege and responsibility of preserving your legacy lightly.

Your story deserves beautifully crafted photos and that's where we come in.


Wedding photographer
Wedding photographer

A Vancouver wedding photography team with 10+ years of experience

You are a story

You know that feeling you get when flipping through old photos in your hands?

It’s as if you’ve been transported back in time, all the emotions, all the memories rush back in an instant.


That's how we want you to feel every time you flip through your pictures, Those stories reminding you of how you felt in those moments, the LOVE that others have for you and you for them.

Because in the end, stories with your favourite people is what matters most.

Those stories are the images filling the pages on this website.


We are here to capture them.


We do is art disguised as wedding photography, because true sophistication isn't something you buy off the shelf, it is a feeling. 

Wedding photographer

Wedding photography feature work

"At the end, one didn't remember life as a whole but as a string of moments"

Wedding photographer
Wedding photographer
Being a Wedding Photographer Vancouver is an honour. 


We are image creators that capture the best of you on your wedding day. A wedding photographer takes the time to listen, understand and guide you on this journey. We are dedicated to you on your day and to collect memories that last a lifetime.

You are unique. Two individuals but becoming one pair. How you met, what you’ve done and who you have become are all parts of your story that come together on your ultimate day of celebration.

At Farawayland Weddings, we commit that our service, talents, and professionalism are all based on this belief:

Your story comes first.

While doing wedding photography we take the time to understand who you are, where you come from and what brought you here to this day, only then can we create the opportunities for true photo magic to happen.

And when it occurs, you can trust us in capturing the essence, detail, and moment which tells your particular story.

Our Pledge:

Wedding photography as art is what we do. By choosing Farawayland Weddings to photograph your wedding day, you are choosing to have a dedicated team working for you. So you are choosing to enjoy your wedding day by knowing a talented team of seasoned photographers and filmmakers are there to document your celebration with care and creativity.

You are what brings our work to life.


Wedding photographer Vancouver 

Wedding photographer
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