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Let me start by saying that we appreciate spontaneity. Laughs, nervous smiles, tears, kids running around and hiding under tables, mother in-law crying, father of the bride kissing his daughter in the aisle, and all these little details that make every wedding personal and unique.

We can be unobtrusive during the whole wedding if you want us to be. As silent ninjas, we will camouflage with the walls and you won’t even know we were there hunting for those special moments; BUT what IF those moments just don’t happen or they don’t look like you imagined they would?

We believe that as professional photographers and videographers we are there not only to capture those moments (that should be a given for any professional), but part of our mission is to enhance moments and experience, to take those moments and polish them to become exceptional.

Basically, capture the natural magic on your wedding day and create magic of our own.

If we need to describe our style, it will be contemporary fashion. Our goal is to create a simple, yet complex blend of soul, drama, imagination and technical skill.

One thing that we have learned is that direction is very important. It isn’t bad if you don’t know “what to do with your hands”, “should you smile”, “where are you supposed to look”, etc. We want you to be you, but as a director with their lead actors in a movie, it is our job to get the best of you.

To accomplish those special moments we need time, for next year in 2018, we are changing the way our packages work. We don’t want to be constrained by time anymore, so we will ditch the whole  6, 8, 10 hrs thing and concentrate on full days of coverage.

Planning specifically around your schedule, from getting ready until the party starts. We aim to have enough time with you, to be that “memory machine” to capture, preserve and give you the best memories.


And after years of shooting weddings of all sizes and shapes, we have created our ideal schedule for the day photo/video-graphically speaking (of course times are just relative and assuming the ceremony is the only thing we can’t move around).

??:00 Start makeup and hair.

Totally depends on how many bridesmaids you have, how elaborate your makeup is, etc. etc. But this always takes one extra hour than what you usually plan, so start as early as you can; you don’t need us for this part since nobody likes pictures without makeup!!!

We arrive…

10:30 The details. 
Jewelry, rings, dress, shoes, bouquet, bride and groom accessories and basically all those details that you have.

* Ideal time allotment – 60 minutes

* Ideal time of the day – Morning

* Ideal location – Bridal suite or hotel suite

Advice – Having at least an hour for details ensures that we have plenty of time to get that perfect photo of the dress, rings, bouquets, and the other details of the day.  There are times when a hotel room is too crowded or simply unappealing for pictures; we have to take the dress all the way down to the lobby or even outside. This can take some extra time, but as you can see from the results, it’s well worth the additional work.

11:30 Everyone’s hair and makeup finished (HARD STOP).

By this time all the makeup SHOULD be done, and we will just pretend, so we can create pictures without having to rush.

12:00 Dress on and final touches.

Time for silly pictures with your bridesmaids :)

* Ideal time allotment – 60 minutes

* Ideal time of the day – Early afternoon

* Ideal location – Bridal suite or hotel suite

Advice – Having an hour is ideal for “getting ready” pictures. During this time, we are getting close ups of the makeup and hair as well the candid moments of the bridesmaids and groomsmen getting ready for the day. Keep in mind that these are some of the most emotional and fun times of the day, so you don’t want to cut it short and miss some of it.

The lead shooter will be with the bride while the second shooter will be with the groom. While it doesn’t take guys an hour to get dressed, there are still tons of great moments between the groom and his family and friends.

1:00 First look; Bride and Groom portraits.

This is an optional step, it takes away from the tension of the ceremony but depends if you want to be seeing each other or not before the ceremony (the first look doesn’t take away the magic; it simply gives you many more unique moments of your day to experience), otherwise we would do individual portraits of the Bride and Groom.

1:30 Leaving to the venue.

Always allow for delays; you should be arriving at your venue at least 15min before ceremony starts.

2:30 Ceremony begins.

Just enjoy it, we got you covered!!!

3:00 Ceremony ends.

Relative. Since ceremonies go from 15 min to religious ones over one hour.

3:00 Formals (family portraits).

Gather all the people you want to have a picture with or gather everyone!!!

* Ideal time allotment – 30-45 minutes

* Ideal time of the day – Morning or afternoon (post ceremony)

* Ideal location – Ceremony site

Advice – Formals should take around 30 to 45 minutes depending on the size of your family and the number of guests.

Plan on 2 minutes per group on average.  For example, if you have 10 groups, schedule in a 20 minute time slot.

Some couples have decided that they want a picture with all guests while others have decided that they only want pictures with selected VIPs to save time. We recommend something in between.

We also recommend being very organized, with a list of groups and helpers from each side of the family to help round people up.

4:00 Bridal party pictures.

There’s a reason why these people are in there with you.

* Ideal time allotment – 30 minutes

* Ideal time of the day – Morning or afternoon

* Ideal location -Venue lobby, venue garden, beach, park, off-site location

Advice – Wedding party photos should be around 20 to 30 minutes. During this time, we get a variety of shots in a variety of poses. We start off with the basic as classic photos focused on great expressions and lighting. Then we move into a set of fun and creative shots. Finally, we know how much your wedding party means to you, so we are sure to get pictures with you and each one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen individually.

4:30 The couple.

Magic time!!!

Advice – Couple session should be around 1.5/2 hours and should take place ideally 30 minutes before sunset; this is the best time in terms of lighting. It also allows us to capture the awesome scenic shots with colourful skies. If your wedding is in downtown or in an area with tall buildings, it’s not as important for us to have this specific time frame (although it still helps). However, if you booked your venue because of the spectacular view of the ocean or the gorgeous vines in the winery, it’s essential to follow this advice in your timeline.

We specialize in Off Camera Flash (OCF). We blend the ambient light with flash to create a surreal contemporary fashion style which is signature in our work.

6:30 Grand Entrance to Reception.

Coming back to the venue.

6:45 Cake cutting.

I suggest getting this done right away and crossing it off your list.

7:00 Dinner.

Let’s grab a bite :)

This is only the real downtime we have during the day. Photographs of people while they are eating aren’t so flattering so we take this opportunity to eat too. We ask to be seated in the same room that the reception is happening (not necessarily with the guests but in the same room) so if something interesting happens, we can just run and capture it.

We know that some venues charge $40 or more per person for their buffet menu, so feel free to order something else for us from their regular menu (some venues even have vendor specials). No alcohol needed, we don’t drink while we work.

8:00 Speeches.

Start the speeches close to the end of the dinner, people are still in their seats and will listen carefully to what other have to say.

8:30 Reception sneak out.

What? You didn’t know we can make magic at night?? :)

* Ideal time allotment – 30 minutes

* Ideal time of the day – Dusk to night time

* Ideal location – Areas with interesting lights, fountains, cityscapes and mirrors

Advice – During the reception, please plan on sneaking out for a couple of night shots. We only need 20-30 minutes, as we understand the importance of being a good host. However, this time is important if you appreciate the night photography that we deliver. The ideal time for this is right after the speeches when everything “formal” is done and everyone is staring to head to the bar.

9:00 First dance/party.

Father/Bride dance, Mother/Groom dance and couple’s first dance. Very self explanatory.

10:00 Tear down/Departure.

We would love to stay and party with you but we have to start processing your pictures ASAP. So after we have enough party/dance shoots, it’s time for us to leave.


The secret sauce of editing.

What happens next?

We shoot RAW files which is an undeveloped format with straight information from the camera, no adjustments have been made. They look like this in your browser, smart phone, TV, tablet or computer:

Raw-Image-Format-Files-are-now-supported-in-Windows-7-Explorer Hey that’s just an icon!!?? Exactly. RAW files are unusable until processed with an editing program. What you will receive are high resolution JPG files ready to print and share.

We select and carefully edit your pictures ONE by ONE. We are proud to say that we don’t outsource any of our editing. Our commitment to you extends well beyond your wedding day. Every single image gets edited in-house before you receive them. Yes, it’s a lot of work editing hundreds of pictures but we want to make sure that you receive the best possible.
Allow between 5-6 weeks for the final product to be ready.

We are just as interested as you are in having your photos be beautiful and memorable. We spend hours making sure you receive only the best ones.


Lots of good and bad it is being said about Photoshop manipulations, we understand that you want to look the best possible on your wedding day, but sometimes there’s just not enough time to diet, work out, getting a skin exfoliation or even sleeping. What if you’re not having a good hair day or your makeup is just falling apart?? So we utilize Photoshop to enhance reality but never fake it.

While it will be very expensive for you having us Photoshop every single picture, we do Photoshop select ones when imperfections are showing a little more than you’ll like seeing. But essentially the one you see in your pictures is the real you (maybe with a little bit of help)

Here’s an example of a creative light/edit:






A more dramatic edit of a bride portrait:




Final delivery.

USB, Wedding album and online gallery.

After weeks of careful editing, you’ll receive a personalized USB with high resolution images (no watermarks ), thank you cards and a “personalized gift”.


If you’re getting video we will be including a second USB with ALL the footage from the day, you will be able to watch the full ceremony, vows, speeches and so on.

Our albums are printed with a profesional supplier based in San Francisco and it takes around two weeks to get it here after the order has been placed. The included album is a hard cover book | 12×12 | Thick pages | Lustre or Matte finishing | 20 Pages

Here’s a video of one Wedding album sample

You also will receive a link to your online gallery. This gallery is the easiest way for you to show off and share your images with your friends and family. With beautiful Pinterest-style galleries enable you to download photos right from the gallery and easily share them on Facebook and other social media. The app’s interface is clean and easy to use.



Vancouver Winter Wedding

Vancouver Winter Wedding

Nothing like the longest winter in 30 years to make you want a winter wedding.

Rich seasonal colors make this a great season for weddings. Of course there are several winter wedding problems you need to keep in mind.

Dressing your wedding party weather-appropriate is very important. If your wedding party is spending a significant amount of time outdoors, then winter fashion such as furs, wraps and tights arent a bad idea. (They can always take them off later if things heat up at the reception.)

Vancouver winter wedding

There are still lots of ways to contrast the blanket of frost. Using bright seasonal colours such as forest greens, or burgundy bring a natural but outgoing appeal. Garlands, crystals, candles, pinecones, and glittery details make the perfect seasonal touch.

Vancouver winter wedding

Warm food is a must! Incorporate mulled wines or ciders onto your menu. Soups make a great appetizer to fight off the chill. Winter allows for endlessly rich dessert tables, hot cocoa bars, and copious amounts of comfort food. Your guests will not be leaving hungry or unsatisfied.

Lastly if you space a coffee bar is never a bad idea.

There are plenty of ways to make your reception an inviting space. With the sun setting early, candles will create a romantic glow right from the start of your party. To add ambience, consider bringing in lush, soft textures.

Vancouver winter wedding

A winter wedding is the perfect place and time for calm, cozy, and casual details that you and your guests will enjoy together.


Vancouver Winter Wedding

Vancouver winter wedding

Vancouver winter wedding

Rebeca Hills

The Iconic Bow Returns to the Forefront of Wedding Dress Fashion for 2017

The iconic bow returns.

Feeling tied up when it comes to choosing a wedding dress? Well 2017 is all about bringing in the old with a new twist. Bows are back in and making a loud statement.

Let us take a brief look at the history of bows in fashion. While bows rarely hit the runway these past few decades, they have always been around as an iconic shape used in hair pieces, fabric, and accessories. During the Victorian Era bows were a hit for both men’s and women’s fashion. They resurfaced again in classic style in the 1940s. Also in the 1950’s bows were a popular trend, more as a jewelled accessory used to adorn shoes, or brooches.

Now in 2017 wedding dress fashion, bows are all the rage.

iconic bow returns

Wedding dress by Oscar de la Renta



Wedding dress by Carolina Herrera

No matter what the current style is, bows have showed they are a timeless shape in both fashion and jewelry.

Hannah & Steve: A Spiritual and Musical Wedding

The Ceremony: Vancouver Chinese Alliance Church – Knight Street campus

Many of the wedding ceremonies this summer have been short and sweet, but Hannah and Steve decided to fill their ceremony with musical numbers.  Here come Steve, the pastor, and his fellow groomsmen singing “My Girl” as they enter the stage.

Hannah sings “There is None Like You.”

hannah-steve-hanna-steve-0156 hannah-steve-hanna-steve-0174

Pastor Josh delivers a spiritual message in front of a large congregation to kick start the newlyweds’ lives together, and the couple walked down the aisle together for the first time on a high note.



Bridal party photos: Stanley Park at Brockton Point

Skies were clear around Brockton Point at Stanley Park for the photo shoot, and the men opted for some action shots, literally.

 hannah-steve-hanna-steve-0400 hannah-steve-hanna-steve-0432

The ladies decided to play it cool as well, and then everyone was on board for this look.

hannah-steve-hanna-steve-0392 hannah-steve-hanna-steve-0437

Finally, some peace and tenderness.

hannah-steve-hanna-steve-0412 hannah-steve-hanna-steve-0416-1

the reception: victoria chinese restaurant

Today’s wedding coordinators come up with some pretty entertaining games! Although I will leave the details out of public view, you can see the hilarity that ensues.

hannah-steve-hanna-steve-0620 hannah-steve-hanna-steve-0632

The couple also debuted a few kissing styles much to the mirth and merriment of the crowd.

hannah-steve-0668 hannah-steve-hanna-steve-0617 hannah-steve-hanna-steve-0664

Congratulations once again Hannah and Steve.  May your marriage be a blessed one.

Summer family photography

Family photography

Hard to believe that September has already come upon us, where did summer go??  As children head back to school for another year, we are reminded of just how quickly they grow up.  Michael, Jessie & Family decided to freeze three generations in time by rounding everyone up to the Stanley Park and English Bay for a summer evening of fun and pictures.

family photography  family photography family photography

Not only did the kids get their laughs, but dad soon joined in on the fun.

family-60 family-132 family-205

And then mom did, too.

family-332 family-336

Hugs and kisses all around. Have you ever seen smiles so genuine?

family-350 family-352 family-355


Finally, everyone winds down with the setting sun.


For this family, it was an evening well spent.  Not only did they set aside for family fun, they have photos to commemorate this special moment in life.

Elly & Matt’s A Canada Day wedding

A Canada Day wedding means double the celebration, and that was certainly the case with Elly and Matt. For starters, Matt handcrafted these unique decorations.

Elly arrived in style in her black and white floral printed dress and was more than happy to show it off for us after minor touch-ups.  Matching her were her bridesmaids in elegant black.

 View More:

It was a touching and emotional ceremony.

View More: View More: View More:

But any waterworks at the Ferry Building Gallery‘s ceremony turned into high energy celebration at The Beachhouse. This serious party was punctuated with short and sweet speeches and toasts to the couple by family and friends.

   View More:  View More:

And what is a Canada Day celebration without fireworks?  The Beachhouse patio gave the guests a spectacular view.

View More: View More:

Congratulations Elly and Matt!

Julie & Sean– A Traditional Yet Modern Wedding

Modern wedding or a Traditional one?

One awesome thing about being a wedding photographer in Vancouver is the opportunity to see so many wedding traditions from other cultures.

Here is Sean & Julie’s special day. In addition to the usual western wedding customs, they included traditions practiced in Taiwan and some parts of China. Before the limo rolls away, the bride drops a fan out of the car and her father picks it up. This can symbolize leaving behind her old family name and/or leaving behind her temper.

Traditional wedding

Although the weather was not the best, our couple had fun during the photo shoots.

modern wedding  modern wedding

How many people can fit under one umbrella?

modern wedding

And finally, party time at Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club!

modern wedding modern wedding

Can Sean guess what Julie was trying to act out?

modern wedding modern wedding


modern wedding

Mayfer Lakes Golf Course

Bridal inspiration #weddingphotograpy (part 2)

Bridal Inspiration #weddingphotograpy (part 2)

This is the second part of the Bridal inspiration shoot that we did in Langley couple of weeks ago.

Here you can see part 1.

Cinthia was the one who contacted and organized the models. Dane was one of them. I have never photograph her before but I kinda knew who she was since I remembered few photographs were she was the model.

I like to have a little conversation with my models before start shooting, it help me to understand and know them better and for them to comprehend my ideas and what I’m going for. With Heather I didn’t have that time, but it wasn’t necessary either, she’s obviously experience and adapted to what I asked.

After 3 models, I didn’t want to repeat anything that did before, so I needed to keep reinventing the staircase and the house in general. I think I did it.

As a disclaimer: I treated the session as a real wedding day, and so the pictures. Photoshop was use to retouch the skin, everything else it’s done in camera.

Bridal inspiration

The bride to be taking a good look to her dress just before putting it on.


Bridal inspiration

Curiously for the last 5 years every time I get to photograph a bride, even in most stormy, windy, dark days, sun always comes out, sometimes briefly but always enough. Coincidence? I can’t tell

Bridal inspiration

The first dance is something I always challenge myself to do it different. I wish I could carry the staircase with me to my next weddings.

Bridal inspiration

Reflection is always important, it help us to own the moment we’re living.

Bridal inspiration

 And more than often (as few brides had told me) the day goes by like a blurry dream. Just the photographs remain as a witness.

Bridal inspiration.
The amazing vendors:

Gown: Truvelle

Jewelry: The borrowed collection 

HMUA: Cinthia Torres

Bouquet: Doreen Fong

Photography: Farawayland Wedding

Bridal Session (part 1)

Bridal session

When Cinthia told me she wanted to do a bridal session I was totally in.

I had photographed 60+ weddings but very few inspired bridal sessions, however I was sure on one thing I wasn’t going to photograph those catalog-esque pictures, if I wanted that I would have got a nice looking backdrop at lighting everything at my studio.
I wanted some more real life/world situation, I wasn’t looking for mannequins serving as a display for dresses or accessories, as this kind of sessions (I always assumed) are done to show what you are able to do in a real wedding. So I went with that idea on mind.
We drove for over an hour to Langley to an unbelievable private house, when I enter in I knew I was going to be working around that sweet staircase.

This is the first part of the session with our first “bride” Cheyenne Smith and “groom” Sorena Khanlou.

Bridal makeup

Beautiful Cheyenne makeup ready


and here is her with the groom, poor guy had to married 3 girls the same afternoon lol.

inspired bridal

by the entrance of the house


Tim the owner of the house told me that he enjoys sit at the patio with the huge fireplace on, of course I asked, “Can we turn it on for a second?” 

inspired bridal outdoor fireplace


What did i told you about the staircase? I regret not having take a full picture of only the staircase but I didn’t had much time with another 3 brides waiting on line :)

inspired bridal staircase


He finally decide to come up

inspired bridal staircase


I couldn’t let this one go without having a touch of “fashion” to the matter…

stylized bridal photoshot


The amazing vendors:

Gown: Truvelle

Jewelry: The borrowed collection 

HMUA: Cinthia Torres

Bouquet: Dooren Fong

Photography: Farawayland Wedding


We have some pizza (I didn’t eat it) but I don’t know if I should mentioned as well???

inspired bridal.

Stylized bridal session.


Swank Wedding Show (Vendors)

If you weren’t sure what to expect attending the Swank Wedding Show at the Vancouver Art Gallery we hope you enjoyed, whatever you were in full wedding planning mode or not yet.

There was wine and coffee and some tasty canapé.

As we were at our table, we couldn’t experience the show as an attendee but we managed to take some pictures of few vendors just in the last half hour of the show.

Unfortunately we have no pictures of the fashion/bridal show, we were right at the entrance on the main level and when the show started that area was packed.

But here’s what we were able to capture.

How cool! Olga and Bill from Firebird Live Art were painting LIVE in front of guests and created a master piece to commemorate the show.


Love by Mary Zilva

Does anyone know who’s the model and what dress is she wearing?

Rococo Floral & Events Inc

Jules & Joy Artisan Gifts

Musical Occasions

Zeina’s Chocolate Boutique

Rose’s Shortbread

RTR Decor

HB Vacations

High Voltage Roadshow

Blushin Brides

Stiffy’s & Co.

BU Letters

This are actually Jenny and Darwin, they work with us but they saw an opportunity to pose in front of BU Letters. You guys shouldn’t suppose to be working???

BRAVOecho Custom Suited

The Lovelies Alicia & Chloe from Soiree Lounge


We have couple more pictures of head over our Facebook to get them ( don’t leave without like the page!! ).

Just to clarify, there’s no retouching in this pictures, all this people actually looked this good!!

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