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We strive to make films that reflects the personality of our clients and their relationships. Weddings can be similar, but every single one is very unique.

Beautiful isn’t enough. We are honest storytellers.

Marissa & Ian (highlights)

Mona & Ahmed (Same day edit)

Melody & Patrick

Arianna & Curtis

Angel & Chapman

Sophie & Harvy

Joel & Saxon

Jivan & Ross

Thomas & Benjamin

Catherine & Webb

Lily & Freddy

Vancouver wedding videography

All in all, a good wedding videographer should be someone who acts in a professional manner, who can explain their pricing, packages, equipment, and work style up front, and who fits your description of someone you’d like to have involved in your wedding. Vancouver is lucky to benefit from such a strong culture of filmmaking and videography. We will love to help you take a closer look at wedding videography entitles and the details that will make your wedding video a success.

Quality equipment. A good price. Punctuality. Flexibility

Do we need to hire a photographer and a videographer?

Photographers should always be on a must-hire list (and rightfully so), but videographers are sometimes considered less of a priority. While your photographer will immortalize much of your wedding day, think of the sounds that can’t be captured in a photo, like your vows, the reception music, and the toasts. If your budget allows for both vendors, it’s worth the investment.

Do our photographer and videographer have to get along?

While they don’t have to be best friends, it’s a plus if you can find shooters who have worked together before. A bigger concern would be if they’ve worked together with disastrous results, you don’t want to have vendors at odds with each other when they need to cooperate to get the same shots.

What about their personality? Does it really matter?

Just as important as their skill is how well you get along with the videographer. You should feel comfortable with the person you choose to shoot your wedding

Should we make a must-shoot list?

Don’t worry about making a list for the classic scenes, wi’ll definitely capture the cake-cutting and your first dance. What you should give a heads up about, however, is key people to shoot (Grandma, the ring bearer) and any tradition or unique detail that you’re going to include in your wedding.

Are there any new wedding video trends?

Candid video

Capturing candid moments throughout the day can lead to a beautiful wedding video overall. By shooting the candid moments that happen and editing them into a compilation, you can create a very authentic and beautiful wedding day video.


Creating a wedding video under for 5 min. is more like a highlight reel or trailer. In this style of wedding video you can enjoy seeing some of the biggest moments throughout the day all in short cuts.

Documentary style

Documentary style wedding videos tell the story as it happened. Often beginning with the bride and groom getting ready and leading up to the journey of the ceremony/ reception. With interviews and a less cinematic style, this is more a traditional wedding video.

Same day edit

A growing trend today involves videos being shot earlier in the day and then rapidly edited for showing at the reception dinner.

Would a second shooter makes for a better video?

There’s no doubt about it: Two cameras are better than one. The ability to cut back and forth makes for a more engaging film overall. You get more extensive coverage, too, because each shooter and camera films something different, or at least from a different angle. This is crucial at the ceremony — they can capture your groom’s face as you walk down the aisle toward him! At the reception, they can film your uncle belly-laughing as your dad gives his toast. If you don’t have room in your budget for a second cameraman, consider making room for two cameras — one manned and moving around and the other stationary. This will enable your videographer to get a wide shot of the ceremony and close-ups of the action, and incorporate both into the video.

 Vancouver wedding videography

 Vancouver wedding videography

Vancouver wedding videography