Companies and professionals we adore to work with.

Vendors we love at Farawayland Wedding photography

These people are exceptional at what they do. They are both friendly, and easy to work with. Give them a call for your wedding and try them out! We currently only add vendors that we have personally worked with to this list. Mention us when you contact them and they will give you a special deal.


Vivio Flowers

Memorable arrangements for your home/office, weddings, social events, and many other occasions.

Sharon Hsiao Design

One stop shop for your graphic solutions

Chef Ira and his team at have proven that the Vancouver catered wedding, party and event market has room for a new premier catering service

Vendors we love at Farawayland Wedding photography by Google



Ultimately the flawless execution of your wedding day will largely rest on the shoulders of your wedding vendors. When you consider the number of different little “mini-events” that take place throughout your wedding day, it becomes quickly apparent that each of them will be greatly influenced by your wedding vendors. -WeddingWire-


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